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Glowscenes Logo Edition

Fireproof Games Custom Glowscenes Edition In my last blog post, I was honored to be featured in Apple's "Today Tab" for a piece of artwork I made. It was based on my favorite app "The Room". It is hands down the best game out there for IPhone and Android. With dazzling puzzles and mind bending clues, it is one of the most fun and challenging games I have played so far. As a thanks to Fireproof games for affording me the opportunity to be featured by Apple, I wanted to make them something special. So I figured why not make a Glowscenes based on their latest installment of the room called "Old Sins". I'm chomping at the bit to play by...

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The Birth Of Addictive Decor

Gooniebox, your living room will never be the same again! Hi, my name is Guido Bonelli. I am the inventor of Gooniebox and Glowscenes, a new experience in home décor. I finally decided to launch my Addictive Décor brand just 1 year ago after having completed my largest build ever for something I call Gooniebox. Part grandfather clock, part interactive puzzle, Gooniebox  represented a whole new class of home furnishings. Something I called interactive furniture. Below is a video of Actual game play. Since having completed this project, many friends and family have asked if I could build them something. All of my inventions until now have been made with a sole focus, to be a truly one of a kind...

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