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The Birth Of Addictive Decor

Gooniebox, your living room will never be the same again! Hi, my name is Guido Bonelli. I am the inventor of Gooniebox and Glowscenes, a new experience in home décor.
I finally decided to launch my Addictive Décor brand just 1 year ago after having completed my largest build ever for something I call Gooniebox. Part grandfather clock, part interactive puzzle, Gooniebox  represented a whole new class of home furnishings. Something I called interactive furniture.
Below is a video of Actual game play.
Since having completed this project, many friends and family have asked if I could build them something. All of my inventions until now have been made with a sole focus, to be a truly one of a kind piece of art.
However I wanted to start sharing my art with others, so for my next invention, I set out to make something which I could share with them and you.
So I created something I call Glowscenes which is a powerful led lamp with a unique holographic and 3D twist to it.
Below is a picture of my cousin and his wife holding one of the units. Since launching we have shipped a number of units. I am a big believer in listening to custom feedback and so I have come up with a number of variations for you to choose from.