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About Us

Guido Bonelli Jr. inherited his entrepreneurial spirit and inquisitive mind from his family. He realized he had a spark for it early on after his uncle bought him a crystal radio kit. A young Guido found himself wondering how the little green light (LED) was working on the kit. Guido's aunt, who suffered from Muscular Dystrophy (MD), was a prolific artist who was paralyzed from the disease. Nevertheless, she exposed Guido to all different types of art and continued painting up until the day she died. This combination of art from his aunt and innovation from his uncle shaped his young mind. 

Today, Guido has finally decided to share his unique idea of art + innovation with the world with the launch of Glowscenes. Guido is also the creator of Dr. Duino, an Arduino Debugging Shield for tinkerers, GoonieBox and Orbis the amazing kinetic sculputre.