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Below are some simple directions on how to put together and use your Glowscenes. So.... lets get started!

Step 1- The unboxing

Carefully remove all contents from the box and unpack the scene.

Step 2- Uncover the Artwork

The scene comes with a protective paper covering which will need to be removed. Simply run each individual plate under lukewarm water and peel off the paper.
*Note- Due to the nature of acrylic, they can be easily scratched so please avoid using anything else aside from your hands to perform this step.

Step 3- Dry'em off

Use a soft cloth to completely dry off the plates. Again, be very careful not to scratch the scenes by using anything too abrasive on the surface.
NOTE! Before continuing to the next step, be absolutely certain that the panels are 100% dry before putting them into the base unit.

Step 4- Installing the Scene

After all three plates are dry, start by inserting one of the three plates into the middle slot of the black base unit. Glowscenes is meant to be interchangeable so you can put them in whatever order you like. Continue by putting the rest of the plates in place.
**Please note, due to the manufacturing process of plastics, there may be times when the plates will either be too tight of a fit or too lose of a fit. Here is what to do if you find that is the case.
Too Tight- Use either a nail file or butter knife and gently scrape a very small amount from the corner of the acrylic. Scrape a few times very gently then test for fit again. If it still doesn't fit, keep scraping away until it does. See picture below.
 Too Lose- Use a small piece of scotch tape on the bottom lip of the plate (highlighted in red below). See picture below for placement. Don't worry, if place in the correct area, this will not be visible. If it is still wobbling too much, use another piece of tape on the other side of plate. Continue this process until the plate fits snuggly.

Step 5- The Fun Part, Power It Up!

Glowscenes can either be powered from a 5V power supply, your PC or 3 AAA batteries.
Battery Power
To power the unit from batteries, remove the bottom cover, access the battery pack and install 3 AAA batteries(not included). Flip the switch until the unit turns on.
Wall Power
To use it from a 5V power source, connect the USB micro connector provided with the unit to Glowscense. Connect the other side to either your PC or 5V power adapter (included). Flip the switch on the bottom of the unit until it turns on.

Step 6- Enjoy!

Well, that's it! Sit back an enjoy all of the beautiful colors which Glowscenes can provide. 
For directions on how to use it, just look on the bottom of the unit.  
 A note from the inventor - (Guido Bonelli)
Thank you, no really, thank you for purchasing a Glowscenes. Part of my dream is to be able to give back to society in a meaningful way. By purchasing a Glowscenes, you are supporting local economic job growth right here in the USA!