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Aurora Lighting

Glowscene's Aurora Lighting simulates the aurora borealis on your ceiling and walls, creating amazing mood lighting that transforms your home or office. 

3D Illusion Lighting

When the three laser etched acrylic plates are viewed, they combine to create an immersive 3 dimensional scenery. Combined with the color making base, the scene appears to come to life, providing the illusion of motion.

Click play below to see it in action!

  Night Light Mode

Never stub your toe on your dresser again! Glowscenes comes with a built in, warm white, night light mode. Perfect for your little ones room too!

 Changes With You!

Glowscenes is made up of three individual acrylic plates. Each with it's own unique etching and can be moved however you like. There are also 6 unique scenes to choose from, so when you get tired of one scene, just swap it out with another!

 Exquisite Designs

Every scene is made with a CO2 laser engraver capable of delivering the finest of details.


Glowscenes uses 60 high brightness LED's which can all be dimmed to create the perfect balance of light in any room. Choose from 256 levels of brightness. Best of all, thanks to LED technology, you never have to worry about it getting hot!


 Power and Portability

Glowscenes can be enjoyed anywhere because they are battery powered (3 AAA) or powered by USB. You control the show: The lights are dimmable, have a color changing mode, and 6 speeds from very fast (and somewhat psychedelic) to very slow.




Stunning Colors

Each Glowscenes is capable of creating a stunning 16 million colors. You can also choose White mode, which makes a soothing night light. It also comes with RGB mode. Red, Green, Blue. The battery delivers 6-8 hours of amazing lighting.


L  x W x H   5" x 2.5" x 5.7"
Weight  Approximately 1 Pound
Power USB or 3 AAA Batteries
Battery life Approx. 6-8 hours depending on mode and brightness.



What's in the Box 

One Glowscenes base unit

Three acrylic panels with laser etched scene

One USB power brick

One USB power cord

*AAA batteries not included


 *Note- Designs subject to change without notice.